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A Doorbell That Does More: Meet Control4 Chime, The Smart Home Sentinel

Unlock the full potential of your entryway with Control4 Chime, the video doorbell crafted exclusively for the Control4 Smart Home. It's not just about seeing who's at the door—it's about enhancing security and connectivity to unprecedented levels.

Beyond a doorbell: Control4 Chime, the guardian of your smart home.
Beyond a doorbell: Control4 Chime, the guardian of your smart home.

Notifications That Know More:

Stay informed with Chime’s motion detection. Receive instant alerts when a package arrives or when unexpected visitors approach your door, giving you a new sense of awareness and peace of mind.

See the Difference with Video Snapshots:

Whether you're home or away, get video snapshots sent directly to your mobile device or Control4 Touchscreen the moment Chime detects activity, ensuring you never miss an important moment.

Customize Your Surveillance:

Tailor your Chime experience with five adjustable motion zones, setting parameters that suit your needs. Say goodbye to irrelevant alerts and hello to smart notifications that matter.

Seamless Integration with Control4 Touchscreens:

Chime isn't just a doorbell—it's an integral part of your smart home. View live video feeds from across the room on any Control4 Touchscreen when someone rings the bell or when motion is detected.

Control4 Chime: Where security meets sophisticationThe Chime: Redefining home entrance technology.
Control4 Chime: Where security meets sophistication,The Chime: Redefining home entrance technology.

Communicate Effortlessly:

Leverage the high-quality speakers and microphones of your Control4 Touchscreens for clear communication with visitors, or to connect with family at home. Announce dinner with a house-wide broadcast or check in with a quick video call.

Discover the Control4 Difference:

If you're new to Control4, it's time to see what you're missing. Visit a Control4 Showroom to experience the heightened comfort and convenience that Chime brings to a well-connected home.

The Professional Touch:

Integrating smart home technology isn't a DIY affair. For a seamless system, rely on a Control4 Smart Home professional—like those at DenaliTech—to design and install your Chime, ensuring it operates on a robust network and is fine-tuned to your lifestyle.


With Control4 Chime, you're not just installing a doorbell; you're upgrading to a smarter, more secure home. Embrace the future of home entry with DenaliTech and Control4.

Ready to enhance your doorstep with Control4 Chime? Reach out to DenaliTech to explore the possibilities and schedule your installation today. Your smarter doorbell awaits.


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