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Mx 990 Urc  Remote

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Master Your Domain with Denali Tech's URC Home Automation.

Universal Remote Control
urc-residential tablet
Universal Remote Control
urc-residential-tablet control

Elevate Your Lifestyle with URC's Total Control Automation Solution

Experience Luxury with URC's Total Control

Intuitive Control for a Connected Life URC's Total Control system from Denali Tech redefines home management. Experience the ease of adjusting lighting, climate, entertainment, and security systems with intuitive touchscreens and remotes that make sophisticated living simple.

Sophistication Meets Simplicity in Home Automation Denali Tech's URC solutions offer a luxurious approach to home automation. Our systems are crafted for those who desire both style and substance, providing a seamless interface for managing every element of your smart home.

Experience Luxury with URC's Total Control:


Advanced URC Automation: Streamline Your Home with Ease.

URC-Complete-Control package

URC: The Art of Single Room Control Denali Tech brings you URC's Complete Control for single rooms, combining all your entertainment and lighting into one easy-to-use system. Perfect for those who enjoy targeted control, it's the ultimate in room-specific home automation.

URC Complete Control: Your Single Room.

Craft the Ultimate Home Theater Experience Optimize your home theater with Denali Tech's URC Complete Control. Our integrated systems offer the perfect balance of performance and convenience, ensuring you enjoy a cinematic experience tailored just for you.

URC Control: Your Ideal Home Theater:


solutions powered by Universal Remote Control (URC).

Discover the Full Potential of URC with Denali Tech.

Step into a world where your home adapts to you. Contact Denali Tech today and let us show you how URC products can transform your home automation experience. Whether you're looking to upgrade a single room or your entire home, our experts are ready to create the perfect solution for you.

We offer a wide range of URC products, known for their superior technology and user-friendly interfaces. From advanced remote controls and automation systems to smart lighting solutions, we customize your setup to match your lifestyle perfectly.

But our service doesn't stop with product selection. We provide comprehensive programming services for URC systems, ensuring that your home automation setup is as seamless and intuitive as possible. This means whether you want to control your home theater, adjust your lighting, or manage your security system, we can make it happen with ease.

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