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Crafting Excellence in AV: Denali Tech's 18U Middle Atlantic Rack Assembly

Immerse yourself in the meticulous world of professional AV rack assembly with Denali Tech's latest project—a custom-built 18U Middle Atlantic AV system. This blog post accompanies our dynamic, fast-paced video, offering a glimpse into the precision and expertise required to assemble a high-end AV rack.

The Art of AV Rack Assembly:

  • Time-Lapse Video Showcase: Our video captures the intricate process of assembling the 18U Middle Atlantic rack. Watch as we transform a collection of components into a harmoniously functioning AV system, all presented in a detailed time-lapse format.

  • The Challenge of Expert Installation: Assembling an AV rack of this complexity demands a high level of skill and meticulous attention to detail. Our time-lapse video not only highlights the speed of our work but also the intricate care taken with each component.

Featured Components:

  • Panamax M5100-ex: Surge protection and line conditioning are crucial for protecting sensitive AV equipment. The M5100-ex plays a vital role in safeguarding the system against electrical anomalies.

  • Panamax M4315-PRO: Advanced power management, as provided by the M4315-PRO, is essential for optimizing the performance and longevity of the AV components.

  • Control4 HC-250: At the heart of modern AV systems, this home automation controller brings smart technology to life, streamlining the control and interaction of various components.

  • Araknis Network Switch: Essential for high-performance networking, this switch ensures robust and reliable connectivity within the AV system.

  • TRU AUDIO TRU-s350xi: A powerhouse of sound, the TRU-s350xi subwoofer amplifier is key to delivering deep, impactful audio.

  • Marantz UD-7006 and SR-5009: These Marantz components are the pillars of audio-visual excellence, providing unmatched sound and video quality.

The Importance of Wire Management:

  • Proper wire management is critical not only for the functionality but also for the aesthetics of the AV rack. At Denali Tech, we prioritize a neat and efficient setup, ensuring that each cable is precisely routed and secured.


Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every AV rack assembly we undertake. This project is a testament to Denali Tech's dedication to delivering not just functional but also visually impressive AV solutions. We invite you to watch our video for a more detailed view of the assembly process and to visit our website for more information about our range of services.


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